LetterOne ‘RISING STARS’ Jazz Award
International 'Live' Exposure

To make a name for yourself as a jazz musician on world renowned national and international stages today requires a lot of talent and hard work. It is of equal importance to have an effective marketing and promotional strategy to stand out from the competition and a dynamic presence on the international ‘live’ scene. The ‘LetterOne “RISING STARS” Jazz Award’ is providing those opportunities for the third successive year and is a golden opportunity for musicians in Europe and North America to be catapulted onto the big international stages!

  • propel your musical career
  • quickly find an audience
  • benefit from marketing and pr expertise
  • get onto the big international stage

The Award

The winning musician will be taken on the ‘LetterOne “RISING STARS” Jazz Award’ tour and given the opportunity to perform concerts at some of the most prestigious Jazz festivals in Europe or North America in 2019, playing before tens of thousands of fans and the creme de la creme of the Jazz music industry. Agreed expenses will be covered, and a dedicated promotion and marketing team will ensure the winner’s name is spread far and wide, from the moment the judges make their choice until the following year´s final summer show. The ‘ LetterOne “RISING STARS” Jazz Award’ tour, agent and marketing support equates to a monetary value ‘in excess of €75.000 or the equivalent $85.000, making the prize one of the most valuable Jazz awards in the World.

The LetterOne RISING STARS Jazz Award
LetterOne and Air Artist Agency are proud to announce the winners of the LetterOne Rising Stars Jazz Award 2019

Giveton Gelin – winner of the 2019 North American edition

The winners of the LetterOne Rising Stars Jazz Award of the 2019/20 season are:

European edition: Kathrine Windfeld
North American edition: Giveton Gelin

Congratulations to our winners! Very well deserved!!

And what a huge night the LetterOne RISING STARS Jazz Award Hand-over event has been. No lesser than Jamie Cullum dropped in and opened the evening, which was hosted by Jools Holland and featured performances by China Moses and Sarah McKenzie, who both were the laudators for our winners. Our previous three winners Sasha Berliner , Adrien Brandeis and Tom Ibarra. performed short sets ‘before the honourable audience joined the grand finale while singing and dancing!

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